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Fitness and Life Coach

Idella Veal

Idella Veal, champion and agent for positive change, has spent over 28 years as a leader in the health and fitness industry. An accomplished athlete and adventure seeker, she believes in stepping outside the comfort zone to expand your physical, mental and emotional fitness. Idella believes and know fitness gives a foundation to be successful in other areas of your life. 


She received here fitness training from American College of Sports Medicine, at Georgia State University. She has extensive training in metaphysics and is a licensed Spiritual Practitioner through Centers for Spiritual Living.




















Services Offered in the Idellacise Fitness Program


•  One on One Personal Training

•  Group Training

•  Core Stability Personal Training

•  Stretching/Flexibility Training

•  Muscle Strength and Endurance Conditioning

•  Body Building/Figure Training

•  Weight/Food Management

•  Life Coaching

•  Meditation/Relaxation Training 


Benefits Experienced in the Idellacise Program


A. Individualized Programs

One side does not fit all. A fitness plan is customized for you based on your body, your goals, needs, health issues and nutrition. Your body composition measurements will be recorded, if the client prefers. A food journal will also be used in our program. 


B. Accountability

I am available for communication via email or text for questions, comments and concerns. Having someone in your corner to encourage and support you while on your program, is a motivator and reminder to stay on course.


C. Life Coach Motivator

While you are being trained there is a constant reinforcement and reminder of your inherent greatness. All long lasting change takes place from the inside out.



(Assessments on a monthly basis)


We begin with a Consultation Assessment to create a customized fitness program that takes into consideration your current condition, your specific health and fitness goals. We design a specific routine that aligns directly to your lifestyle and personal aspirations.


Each client's progress is assessed on a monthly basis to tract measurements and food management. It is important to understand how each client feels about their program and give recognition to every aspect of progress towards their goals.


It has been Idella's life passion to inspire, teach, and coach people to move beyond perceived limitations and achieve personal greatness, which she believes starts with focus on "inner love of self". Knowing one is worthy of Life's Best!


Hers is an holistic approach to achieve healthy, fit, happy, successful living through physical, mental, spiritual and emotional fitness. These changes and this living is "from the inside out". This approach teaches clients how to experience success through their authentic self.


Idella is committed to being an instrument to help her clients experience their own power, and from there to stand in and own their greatness to achieve their goals and dreams.


"Physical fitness is POWERFUL! It sets up a strong foundation to be happy and successful in life".  – Idella Veal

"Idella is more than my training coach…she’s my inspiration. 


Her encouragement and positive attitude is as important to me as the physical routines she guides me through. She’s a spiritual person, yet grounded in reality. She has me convinced that I’m only as old as I think I am rather than what my driver’s license says. As a result, I can do thirty pull-ups and bench press 200 pounds because she made me forget I’m a 70 year old man.


She’s a special person and a fantastic trainer. I doubt you can find anybody more competent and pleasant with whom to train."


– Les F.

"Idella is a force of nature! She brings passion and enthusiasm to her role as Coach--encouraging her clients to reach their potential both in and out of the gym. Her approach doesn't recognize the words "I can't" and I find myself accomplishing more (and looking better) than I thought possible. She artfully weaves the threads of body, mind and spirit together, which makes her unique in the realm of personal training. She has great knowledge of what works for total fitness and seeks excellence for herself and her clients. I see and feel the results every day!"


– Elizabeth J.




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