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About Idella

25 APRIL 2023, New York

Well known for her ability to thrill and arouse an audience, Idella is a dynamic singer and performer. She is Energy. She is Passion. She is Enthusiam. A native Atlantan and Georgia State University graduate, Idella engages her audience through her music of Love, Life, Fun and Appreciation. Any song whether jazz, pop, standard or R&B is mindfully chosen to create a positive atmosphere of joyous reveling. You might even get invited up for a dance!

As a 3 octave vocal artist, Idella truly understands the power of words and how the voice can soothe, caress and thrill. Industry critics and audiences marvel at her fresh, frisky, fun, fit, fabulous stage presence.

It should come as no surprise, that Idella is an advocate of health and fitness. She is also a personal trainer, a fitness expert and life coach. In effort to further promote fitness to a mass audience, Idella produced a TV fitness show, Why Just Exercise, When you can Idellacise.

If you are looking for an exhilarating Performer, coach, speaker, workshop facilitator make your special occasion a hit with IDELLA! 

Idella Veal

Inspirational Vocalist, Fitness/Life Coach

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